Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bendix Meadows

For the past 20 years, South Bend Audubon has had the privilege of monitoring nesting birds at Bendix Meadows adjacent to the South Bend Regional Airport. This former landfill has reverted to prairie-like habitat. The primary focus of our survey is Upland Sandpiper - a state endangered species. Other grassland species include Grasshopper, Savannah and Henslow's Sparrows; Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark and Dickcissal. Sadly, the Airport Authority and South Bend Parks Department have proposed a variety of "improvements" for this site ranging from Christmas tree farm to challenger little league park. Fortunately, those plans have not come to fruition, and for the time being, Bendix Meadows remains one of the most important bird habitats in Northern Indiana.

Butterfly Weed in Bloom

 This time of the year, the flowers are in peak bloom and the grassland birds are largely done nesting. Below are a few of my favorite pictures taken over the years at Bendix Meadows.

One of my favorite summer experiences is the Bobolink display at Bendix Meadows.


Killdeer nest
.... and one of my favorite butterflies...


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